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The COVID-19 crisis made and continues to make the headlines since the beginning of 2020. Yet, as the worst pandemic ever is expected to lose its intensity in the months to come, there are pre-existing grave topics on the agenda that are far from losing ground and are equally far from finding an all-encompassing solution. The climate change and its effects in terms of increasing NatCat risks exposure and vulnerability is for sure one of them. Despite the best efforts of all stakeholders, not much has improved as far as communities’ resilience is concerned and the protection gap is still very large.

This is why it is worth talking again about this topic, inventorying the progress, the unsolved issues, as well as the contribution that the latest digital technologies may bring to the table. The Conference speakers will share their views and best experiences, to the benefit of all industry players.

IIF 2021 – PROPERTY INSURANCE – in a connected world will address the increasing impacts of extreme weather risks, focusing on the role that the latest technologies may play in helping the industry deal with the current and future challenges, thus better serving its customers.

IIF 2021 – Property Insurance Conference

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  • Location: Online event
  • Organizer: XPRIMM
  • Start date: 22-04-2021


Samantha COOK

Senior Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank Crisis and Disaster Risk Finance, United States


Director, Croatian Insurance Bureau, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Nicoleta RADU

CEO, PAID Romania, Romania

Alexandru CIUNCAN

General Manager, UNSAR, Romania


CEO, Istanbul Underwriting Center, Türkiye


Expert, Polish Chamber of Insurance, Poland


Senior Director, Markets and Products Expert, EMEA, Switzerland

Gheorghe GRAD

Country Manager, RENOMIA - SRBA, Romania


Business Development Manager, RENOMIA - SRBA, Romania

Daniela GHETU

Editorial Director, XPRIMM, Romania


IIF 2021 – Property Insurance Conference


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