Playing with probabilities is one of the insurers’ core abilities and, in fact, the essence of the insurance business. But lately the game moved from mainly analyzing past data to assess future potential risks, to predict not only risk factors’ evolution, but also customers’ behaving influence on the future business, discerning among real factors of influence and statistical “noise”. The latest technologies added to the actuarial functions the opportunity, but also the challenge, of disposing of the huge quantities of data provided by telematic or IoT devices, satellite stations and even social media apps. 

As a result, the actuaries’ job becomes more and more complex and should most probably hold a central place in the insurers’ scheme of functions and chain of decision.

What is the current CEE reality of the actuarial job and what is needed to make the best of the actuaries’ skills in improving the insurance business results? 


MTPL tariffs calibration – a “life lasting” job for actuaries:

  • Tariffs liberalization: how to set the starting point in the calibration process that lead to a stable, liberalized market 
  • Bodily injuries and the MTPL tariffs variation – how to set realistic future expectations  for the claims values
  • Telematics / Big Data – a significant difference in pricing?

Nat Cat insurance in the CEE from an actuarial perspective

  • Historical data and geomapping resources in the region: do actuaries have enough information to price nat cat risks?
  • Estimating nat cat risks in a changing climate environment
  • Microinsurance and parametric insurance for the CEE – the actuarial perspective

Life & health insurance and predictability:

  • actuarial issues in a volatile economic context – impact of the macroeconomic “movements” upon the life insurance business 
  • Life & health insurance – a “behavioral” modeling field for actuaries?
  • Big Data: may the life & health insurance segment become a “lifestyle” modelled business?

Actuaries – a valuable industry resource to capitalize on

  • The actuary’s place between risks, management decisions – are actuarial skills enough put to works in the CEE insurance industry?
  • The talent hunting – where do find the CEE insurers the actuarial talents they need?

IIF 2018 – CEE & SEE Regional Actuarial Insurance Conference

  • Language: flag Program
  • Location: Marriott Hotel, Skopje, Macedonia
  • Organizer: XPRIMM
  • Start date: 22-02-2018


Prof. Karel Van HULLE

KU Leuven and Goethe, University Frankfurt, Belgium


President, Insurance Supervision Agency Macedonia, North Macedonia


Managing Director, FMA – Financial Market Authority, Austria

Alexandra SMEDOIU

Vice President, CFA Society Romania, Romania

Renata De LEERS

Executive Director, Actuaries Without Borders, IAA Section & Consulting Actuary IA/BE, France

Vladimir BUBALOV

President, Macedonian Actuarial Association, North Macedonia


Manager of Risk and Actuarial Department, NN Insurance, Slovakia


IIF 2018 – CEE & SEE Regional Actuarial Insurance Conference


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